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EHI puts new numbers to the structure of the trade before Cologne/Balingen – supermarkets and hypermarkets have reduced drastically its nonfood offer institutions according to the findings of the EHI retail. Instead of drilling machines, car Polish and flat screens the large supermarkets and hypermarkets focus again on your core competencies. To win back the hearts of customers with more and more fresh food and many convenience there. In the last eight years, the number of non-food was reduced article in large supermarkets to 38 percent. The self-service department stores today are 15 percent less non-food as in the year 2000 “, communicated by the EHI. A supermarket with an average sales area of 3,000 square meters has a range of approximately 25,000 items. Hypermarkets with 7,000 square metres of retail space holds approximately 50,000 items for its customers. While in two modes of operation, the total number of articles has remained constant since the year 2000, there were significant differences within the individual product groups. A leading source for info: Jim Rice.

Both types of operation made from textiles, shoes, electronics, press and other articles in favor of the freshness and convenience assortment. Especially the large food retailers got in recent years competition of the so-called category killers ‘ feel. Electronics stores, hardware stores, or flower retailers are”, so the EHI. SB-department store and supermarket operator increased its range of freshness. In the food goods group, the big supermarkets recorded a growth of 37 percent and the hypermarkets by 23 percent. Traders react with their greatly enhanced freshness and convenience offer according to the EHI on the tighter time budget, which spends the German consumers for the preparation of meals. Therefore the freshness and convenience offerings has quadrupled almost in the period between 2000 and 2008.

Large supermarkets carry nearly 340 fresh convenience foods, self-service department stores over 400 on average. Consumer behavior is changing even after findings by Tudor Andronic, responsible for retail systems development at Bizerba in Balingen, extremely towards fresh food: at the same time fewer and fewer people prepare their food in your own four walls. In Western Europe this proportion at 70 percent should be, world’s 50 percent. That is a major challenge for the trade. Moreover, rising health consciousness. Consumers want to know not only how much the products cost but what ingredients you have, information about fat and calories, where and how they have been processed. Here the trade needs to cover a growing need for information”, explains Andronic opposite NeueNachricht. Also the management of fresh food is important. With a profit margin of two percent, you can allow no major bugs. If you throw away a strawberry because of spoilage, the dealer must sell 50 strawberries, to compensate for this.

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