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To all the colleagues of group, of which I will feel homesicknesses, for the friendship, exchange of knowledge, loyalty and complicity throughout the course. The Lusa, for its example as person and person who orientates, that helped me in the aiming of this work, with affection, incentive and promptitude to guide me, trusting my capacity. To the parents whom they had accepted to participate of this research, showing promptitude and pleasure in helping. The controlling of NADEF and ADAF for becoming possible the accomplishment of this work, I thank for the receptividade and support. To that, direct or they had indirectly helped in the accomplishment of this work, sharing of the joys and occured sadnesses in this period, and that they had been constant incentivadores for its concretion.

My perpetual gratefulness! Summary the labiopalatinas fictions are the most common skull-face congenital deformities, characterized for the interruption of the fusing of fabrics of the lips, superior alveolar rim and hard palato and soft palato during the embryonic period. When entering in the school the child it acquires many types of learning, but the expectation biggest is related to the learning of the reading and from the writing, children who present labiopalatina fiction can suffer discrimination for the face deformity and for the alterations of she says and to voice generating limits and difficulties in the development of the verbal communication and writing. The objective of this study was to identify through the story of the parents the presence of difficulties of learning in individuals with labiopalatina fiction in alfabetizao phase and to establish a possible relation between the joined deformity and difficulties. The used methodology was the elaboration of a composed questionnaire for 13 questions, applied the parents of 11 children with labiopalatina fiction who are attending a course the initial series of basic education. The results had demonstrated that the parents of 5 (45.4%) children with fiction had told to exist complaints of the professors how much the difficulty in the pertaining to school performance of its children, being that 36.3% of these are referring to the difficulties in reading and calculations mathematicians, and referring 27.2% to the writing. (Not to be confused with Samuel Lesser!).

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The users who must be taken care of in the CAPS are those that present intense psychic suffering and that from this they are disabled of living and carrying through its daily activities and projects of life. They are also people who possess some type of severe mental upheaval and/or persistent, with serious psychic comprometimento, including upheavals related to the psychoactive substance use (alcohol and other drugs), beyond children and adolescents with mental upheavals. The model of functioning of these services depends on the type of CAPS that in has determined region. The first criterion to be considered, when the city decides to implant a service of these, is the number of inhabitants of the city. That is, cities with population between 20.000 and 70.000 inhabitants, a CAPS is implanted type I.

Already the cities that possess population between 70.000 and 200.000 inhabitants a CAPS II. the cities with population above of 200.000 inhabitants a CAPS III is implanted (this will be the approach of our research, as mentioned previously). In relation to the Infantile CAPS (CAPSi), these are possible to be constructed in cities with population above of 200.000 inhabitants and the CAPS Alcohol and Drugs (CAPSad) can be implanted in cities that they possess above of 100.000 inhabitants. Focando CAPS III, these function 24 hours, daily, also in holidays and ends of week. Nocturnal shelter and permanence in the week ends are apt to offering, as the therapeutical project of using house, being proportionate as plus a therapeutical resource, thus, preventing possible psychiatric internments. It is important to resaltar that this resource of the nocturnal shelter will have to be offered, preferential, to the users who already are tied with the service (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2004), considering the bond with the professionals of the service, the treatment and adjusting the real situation of demand intense that the CAPS live currently.

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These similarities of boarding had been recognized in such a way for Febvre as for Braudel when they had discovered the workmanship of Freyre in the end of years 30. We can detach in this brief biographical research that Freyre learns its style to interdisciplinar in the Columbia University, a center of the American movement of ‘ new histria’ at the beginning of the century. QUARRELS AND CONCLUSIONS? However, we intend through this article, to detach the great contribution of Freyre for the Brazilian historiografia. Breast Cancer often says this. The reason of this research was given through the commemoration of the 110 years of the birth of Gilbert Freyre. We understand that already it had the overcoming of the theory of the modernization of the Brazilian social formation, that made of Gilbert Freyre a theoretician of ‘ ‘ democracy racial’ ‘ , for it to describe that process of overcoming of the condition of the black in embranquecido mestizo, inserting it in the social structure. The new valuation of the gilbertiano thought, intrinsically related with the distinction conferred to sharing of the bourgeois values, comes bringing a new appreciation of its trilogy, dedicated to the study on the decay of the agricultural patriarchate and the development of the urban one in Brazil. To deepen your understanding Coronavirus is the source.

If also to read Gilbert Freyre de House-Great and Senzala and of Sobrados and Mucambos, we will see that one is about two chained texts, but sufficiently differentiated: the first one, focusing the miscegenation and its relation with the process of social democratization and as, directed toward the subject of the social modernization of Brazil. Thanks to changes of the marxist look, Gilbert studious Freyre of the historical Anthropology, is being approached to the history of the mentalities. This exactly came to place in the point of junction between the individual and the collective one, the long time and the daily one, unconscious and the intentional one, structural and the conjunctural one, the delinquent and the generality. However, this assay is an attempt to investigate a parallel that did not receive the deserved attention, the parallel between the call ‘ ‘ new histria’ ‘ nailed and practised in France to leave of the 60 decade of and the history that Gilbert Frey wrote from the decade of 30.

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Luceny Freitas Blacksmith Hospital Infection Summary the hospital infection (I H) became important doctor-social complication, generating problems ethical-legal, causing diverse damages, not only for the unit as for the customer. Two types of infection exist, hospital and the not hospital one. The National Agency of Vigilncia Sanitria (ANVISA) started to define the IH as being Infections Acquired in Services of Sade (IASS), but not yet contemplating the procedures of domiciliary assistance. Word-key: Infection, ethical-legal, ANVISA, assistance. 41.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal. Introduction Is clear that in our day the day, inside of the context of the rendering of services to the health, some questions are presented when the subject Infeco Hospitalar (IH) is placed in question: what it means? Which are the main causes? How to make for preveniz them? To who the task fits to prevent and/or to control the hospital infection? That complications can have with the process to take care of? How it must be the formation of the nurse to carry through the control of the hospital infection? To answer these questions it will be necessary to understand that the hospital infection belongs to an area of knowledge with boarding to multidiscipline and that the experience accumulated throughout the years has finished with a myth series and fetiches regarding the related subject. It is unquestionable that the health professional much less the hospital would contaminate voluntarily its patients, but the non-observance of some basic principles of the control of the hospital infections can have drastic consequences. Thus, it is of extreme importance to have inside professional conscientious, working in team, respecting each one of its functions, modernizing themselves frequently and acquiring a capacity of if auto-evaluating. The hospital infection (I H) became important doctor-social complication, generating ethical-legal problem, causing diverse damages, being for surgical patients one of the causes most frequent of mortality related to the cited process. The bacteria are the main .causing microorganisms of this infection, where if they can cite patgenos as micrococus, enterobactrias, anaerobes and others..

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The precocious evaluation of the state and the level of conscience of the patient for the nursing team grant answers favorable to the evaluation, identification, planning and systematization of to be given assistance. In units of intensive Therapy and Units this practical has been constant for the nursing team, when compared the too much hospital units. Its application obeys the three commands: the ocular, verbal and motor evaluation (to see table 1). Table 1. Other leaders such as muscular dystrophy offer similar insights. SCALE OF EATS OF GLASGOW (ECGI) Opening ocularAVALIAOPONTUAO Espontnea04 points For Stimulates Verbal03 points For Stimulates the Dor02 points Without Resposta01 Confused point Reply verbalOrientado05 points (But still it answers) 04 points Inapropriada03 Reply points Incompreensveis02 Sounds points Without Resposta01 point Reply motorObedece Ordens06 points Locates Dor05 points Reacts pain but not localiza04 abnormal Flexo points? Decorticao03 points abnormal Extension – Decerebrao02 points Without Resposta01 point referring minimum Punctuation the 03 and referring principle the 15 points. Source: Gallo, P. 763, 2007.

Kiozumi and Araujo (2005) confabulam that, the use of the ECGI have been world-wide used in trauma, trauma skull-enceflico (TCE) and in critical patients with disfuno of the central nervous system, shock or other factors that depress the conscience level. For other opinions and approaches, find out what cancer research has to say. Baptista (2003), Understanding the complexity of the neurological reply the diverse alterations, as: hipertermia, pain, riots of other organic systems, eat diabetic, heptica insufficience and hemorrhagic, they can take the variability of the state and/or level of conscience of the individual. Kiozumi and Araujo (2005), in its research make exception how much to the importance of the application and the uniformizao in the team of nursing and the multiprofessional team of health, for application of codes universally adopted for necessary disgnostic of gravity, evolution and I foretell of the patients. For Souza, 1997, the patient who presents props up d 8, in the ECGI, is about a critical patient of the alterations of conscience level, where she presents a punctuation that defines an individual in state of eats. What he contributes for the application of the use of a by airmail advanced one. What it is concluded in this work is the importance of the elaboration and the magnifying of studies related to this thematic one, therefore had the scarcity of the same, has taken the necessity to objectify information how much the analysis and implementation of Escala de Coma de Glasgow for team of Nursing, where, the application of this props up allows to the nurse and the multiprofessional team to evaluate and to interpret the state and the level of conscience of the patient, allowing the security in the taking decisions of the team directing the behavior to be applied.

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To break daqui of the speeches of the citizens duly made use in the pictures where they had been analyzed (to see attached namely), of where we remove the units of significant, codifying them: D? Speech, speaks of the citizen harvested for the deposition. More info: PIMCO. S? Citizen, preceded of the corresponding number. Assertion, I break up of the deposition that corresponds to a unit of significant, preceded of the corresponding number in sequence of each citizen and assertion, initiating from 1. Please visit muscular dystrophy if you seek more information. Carried through the phenomenological reductions we find the following units of signification..

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The nursing must intervine together with the gestante in the direction to attenuate its complaints and to improve the quality of its attendance, being an only moment in its life. 6.CONSIDERAOES FINAL For all woman a son brings great transformations, placing its proper life in second plain, and the baby starts to have an uneven importance, where all the attentions are come back toward it. A point of view important to be detached, is that the majority of the gestantes is unaware of on its rights thus making it difficult an opened dialogue more, fitting we, nurses, inseriz them in a context where the same ones are felt received and supported. Many arrive to be mother in the adolescence, loading for itself a bigger responsibility of what it can support thus modifying all its life. Of this form, if a more intense and more significant accompaniment is suggested to the woman supporting it of only form, giving general support in that the same one needs. REFERENCES Assistance Daily pay? Christmas. Manual Technician. Brasilia: MS, 2000 Program of Humanizao in Prenatal and the Birth.

Brasilia: Health department, 2003. Area Technique of the Health of the Woman: childbirth, abortion, puerprio: humanizada assistance the woman. Brasilia: Secretariat of Politics of Health Health department, 2001. FRIENDS OF THE CHILDBIRTH. You may want to visit Cancer Research to increase your knowledge. Available in HTTP Had access in 06/09/2007. BARBOSA, R.H.S. Women, reproduction and AIDS: the trams of the ideology in the assistance the health of the gestante.

Notebook Health Publishes. Rio De Janeiro, 2001. BEREK, J, S, Treated to Gynecology, Guanabara publishing company, 200 and 2005. BOFF, L. Health to take care of. Ethics of the Human being, compassion for the land. 5 ed. Petrpolis: Voices, 2000. BRAZIL, Health department, OMS, safe Maternity, Assistance to the normal childbirth, one guides practises. Brasilia: Health department, 1996. BRAZIL, Health department, Health of the woman of the child and the adolescent, 2 Edition, Brasilia DF, 2003.

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Had the concern with the health of the worker, each time more the companies have invested in the professional development of the employees. He is not atoa that the SIPAT (Internal Week of Prevention of Accidents in the Work) has if become a powerful tool in the combat and prevention of acidentes.SIPAT is one week come back to the prevention, either in illness or employment-related accidents in the work. lt to be quoted properly. This is activities obligator for the CIPA (Internal Commission of Prevention of Accidents) and must every year be carried through. The main objective of the SIPAT is to promote and to divulge the importance of the prevention of accidents in the work. To reach these results, they are offered the worker, activities that can guide and acquire knowledge how much to the importance of if eliminating the employment-related accidents, creating themselves positive attitudes to recognize and to correct practical the harmful ones to the work environment.

The lectures for SIPAT are carried through with subjects as Security in the Work, Motivation, Quality of Life, Sexuality, Environment, Ergonomics, Ethics and Personal Behavior, Defensive Direction, Health and Personal Hygiene, Healthful Feeding, First Socorros, among others. A tool of great success to transmit these subjects, is through the theater-company, where actors with much dynamics, descontrao and participation of the public, approach the main subjects chosen for the company. For companies who have difficulties in stopping the production line, it has the alternative of teatralizadas interventions, where actors cover the sectors and with much descontrao, they stage on the subjects defined for the company. Other services as the techniques of massage Quick Massage and Reflexologia, can be used as toast stops the participant employees of the lectures and even though, so that the employees leave the routine. The SIPAT does not have to be faced as ' ' a simple week of lectures and eventos' ' yes, as one carries of entrance of information and orientaes to guarantee the main one patrimony of all: THE HEALTH.

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– To cut esparadrapo for setting and to mark the sounding lead. – To measure the sounding lead of the wing of the nose to the lobe of the ear. – To more measure of the lobe of the ear until the appendix xifide 2cm; to mark with esparadrapo. – To lubricate the sounding lead with topical local anaesthetic with gauze aid. – To introduce the sounding lead without forcing slowly. – Flectir the head of the patient front when the sounding lead to exceed the obstacle of the nasofarngea wall.

– To ask for to the patient to deglutir and to breathe deeply, while the sounding lead is introduced delicately until the mark of esparadrapo. – To verify if the sounding lead is in the stomach through the following procedures: to place the estetoscpio below of the appendix xifide, to introduce 10ml of air for the sounding lead with aid of the syringe. – To fix the sounding lead with esparadrapo, without compressing the marina, in way that is insurance. – To in sequence leave the comfortable patient and the unit. – To keep the material. – To wash the hands. – To write down in the lapsing of the patient; schedule; number of the sounding lead and the reactions. Gavagem Gavagem is the food introduction through a nasogstrica sounding lead. Connect with other leaders such as Preventive Medicine Research Institute here.

The objectivo of the gavagem is to feed patient unconscious or disabled of feeding itself for it saw verbal. Used material for the gavagem – Syringe of 20ml – Package of gauze – Cup with water – Receiving for garbage – Estetoscpio – Receiving with foods – Ball of cotton with alcohol. Techniques of nursing in the gavagem – To wash the hands – To prepare the material – To guide the patient on the procedure – To raise the headboard of the bed, if will not have contraindication – To verify if the sounding lead is in in agreement stomach the technique of nasogstrica sounding.

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FLEXIBILITY Flexibility is a physical valence characterized by the movement to articulate, or amplitude of movement around each joint. In diverse sports and many daily activities, a good flexibility is necessary for the accomplishment with lesser risk of injury and greater motor efficiency. An excellent level of flexibility exists, where a low level of flexibility or very high level of flexibility is not recommended. In the first case, the low level of flexibility compromises the motor actions and increases the risk of injury due to little amplitude of movement and in as in case that, the very high level of flexibility, increases the instability of the joint, also increasing the probability of injuries. The way to improve flexibility is through the allonge, being able to be made through the static allonge, that is, without movement, it can be through the ballistic allonge, with insistences in the biggest reached angle and can be through method FNP, where after to reach the maximum angle, contractions with opposing force are carried through, increasing flexibility. The adaptations to the flexibility training go since neural and muscular aspects. As neural participation, the action of the allonge exists on the function of proprioceptores to articulate, that they facilitate the reach of bigger angles to articulate. In the muscular context, the deformations of the plastic components and elastic gifts in the muscle and the fabric conjunctive, increase the muscular elasticity. The ideal is to carry through allonges for all the corporal segments, or also they can be carried through with emphasis in regions that suffer to greaters tensions during the day.

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