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With light energy to the inner Championship – new dates with Teresa Ramarajara in recent years she went through profound spiritual processes that led them in their spiritual mastery. Your subtle energy body has changed in that time. Since then, new entities through it – Ramarajara and Ramayon – that trigger intense healing and awareness processes through mantra chants manifest themselves. EARTH OASIS already has carried out seminars until 2003 with Teresa, she came 2007 according to their profound transformation processes for the first time again after Germany – to the healing and Channelingtagen in various cities. At the same time Teresa Ramarajara began making their courses to the spiritual essence therapist also for people from the German-speaking countries, where so far the first module in Brazil and the other two in Germany took place. The spiritual light or essence therapy and the training it developed for the essence therapist is a wonderful work of compassion, healing, cognition and integrating own inner truth.

It was developed by Teresa Ramarajara and their cosmic masters at their Theo dynamic University in Brazil. By activating the cosmic light energy in us, we learn deep self-knowledge and a liberating new structuring of the consciousness. The rays of light blessing is done under direction of the cosmic Christ consciousness and is part of the divine plan for the liberation of humanity in this turbulent phase, through which passes through the planet. Also the ancestors and descendants of the people who will be blessed, be treated. During the blessings and intense energy transfers will work with all present on vibration level, so that their spiritual development and healing is accelerated. Jesus and the Holy Mother of God are called at every blessing. The Theo-dynamic approach that underlies Teresa Ramarajaras transformation work, provides a quantum leap in human consciousness as a central challenge of our time.

In order to attain higher levels of consciousness, it is necessary that the physical body enough It is prepared to receive the subtle vibrations of the spirit world to the page. So, it is essential that the individual healthy, detoxifies, flexible and able to be able to absorb the energies of the higher level with the awareness of the essence of individuality. It is important that the divine power can combine with the power of the people, because internal conflicts and separations exist only whenever, man cultivated the cleavage of the divine unity. Expansion of consciousness means that the man with the presence of the divine fills his inner emptiness in his heart and that true human values arise from the coexistence in the name of God.

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