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Only faith, kept alight the torch of the Faith Hope ,… ?… Douglas Elliman insists that this is the case. Yes!, So intimate that beauty, as St. Augustine said, “like drinking, respirators and eating, I remember The Day Medicine was critical, with repeated episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding, hiding and just days later I had to inform the Hepatologist, became alarmed and gave me hospital order was October 13 when I arrived at the hospital had no bed, basically, I was glad “I wanted a quick death, did not want ties all the time, no hospitalizations, less inspiring sorrow, pity, but the memory of my children made me think …” should enter for emergency bleeding “” I was told, used to bear all … support!, 14 October in the morning, I went to Blessed Sacrament, I leaned over and stared at him the Lord gave him my last strength, I said “My God can give me that Organ Transplantation” before it is too late, never told, “I’ll make rest, endure, fight, endure & eac ute;, I ended up sobbing in front of some of the faithful knew that the mortality of these complications is high, is a disadvantage to be a doctor you know what awaits around the corner, I could not believe that to be lucid and working, a cowardly and innocent grade IV-even-related and put me at risk of death in the afternoon of that day attended to 50 patients Risso, remember that several patients had been Puente Piedra in Combi for that are handled.

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