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However, the jumps in the waves have been arranged exclusively with ispytatelskimi goals. In 'peacetime', in the presence on board unprepared passengers, this weather is better to keep the speed of 30-40 km / h – in this case and move fast, and completely comfortable. And if necessary to maintain planing mode only at 23-24 km / h – although narrower than 'Rainbow' gidrolyzhu, the lift is still not in short supply. We will assume that the load 'Katran' must be managed well – although, as shown by the subsequent test phase, the word 'good' sounds far too modest. When the passport passenger 4 persons. Recently Steven A. Kaplan sought to clarify these questions. with a 70-horsepower engine we got on plane all seven, and each of the passengers with reduced speed apothecary accuracy rate of only 1-1.5 km / h! The only an overloaded boat with a motor started slightly unfolded delfinirovat, and sitting in the front cockpit of a couple of times have their portion of the spray – but let's not forget the conditions under which the tests were conducted. Successful projects will not resume die. The proven hull of the Soviet era, though in a modernized version, has once again proved its viability. And the boat itself, and the level of performance rather 'low' (even 'Lux', be honest – this is not "Luxury"), but the same 'unit' principle of the creation of modifications to allow the shipyard to minimize costs and, consequently, the final price, in today's tough times, many only be welcomed..

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