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Gina enters calmly in the room, with a full bag of things, places the bag in the soil and speaks well high: GINA- At last, my day arrived. My first commemoration of the day of the children done especially for me. I have that to prepare the list of guests. It goes to be one day magical. My amiguinhos they go to adore. I will be the queen of the day of the children.

In the hour of my little party I choose who will be my king. (Gina Sorri) Julinho brother of Gina enters running in the room and to see its sister speaking alone. Surpreso, it question? Unfruitful JULINHO- you the sick person? GINA- Not. Why? Alone saying itself JULINHO- You! this is very strange. GINA- does not have nobody sick person Julinho here. You know that today it is our day.

Logical that plus mine, that its, therefore I am new than you. Well, I go to make a little party it people to commemorate the day of the children, you wants to help me? JULINHO- Clearly that yes Gina. This is an excellent idea. Nor it seems that it left its cabeinha. Irritated Gina: GINA- Why? Julinho laughing of Gina: JULINHO- Because in its head it only passes asneira. (Julinho of the one outburst of laughter) still irritated Gina: GINA- I do not only leave you outside of my necessary party because of you, Its Z dancinha. Julinho makes anger face. GINA- Julinho you go to the supermarket to buy some candies for our little party, while I make the list of guests. Gina a little more ordering: GINA- and goes soon. Taste not to wait. Julinho leaves to buy the candies that Gina had asked for to it. Meanwhile Gina goes until a table that is in the room, seats in the chair and starts to make the list.

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