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But even and thus deprived in it thinking that these decisions of both, somewhat hasty, would have been taken more by the fact running away from home, than by smallpox which produces the marriage or the deep love to their partners. Them, always have been very homey and have loved their parents very much, but they are stacked on top of Yes, a without number of verbal insults and acts of violence domestic that from an early age he had performed them live in that outside your home. -It was not for this that we were married thirty years ago claimed Luis for if same. Felt overwhelmed, helpless and depressed. You were now tortured that I had enough time to think, and only saw the horror that transformed his home for many years. I knew that I could not return to the past and it wasn’t possible to either amend mistakes. Once the time has passed, the facts were made irreversible and relentlessly it had already square things and everyone it occupied its place with respect to the lives of others and there was nothing that could be done.

That was what more he tormented him, because things did not go as he expected them and the rest of his family already had a different way of see things. And this, many times Luis underwent yes same by their sins, but also there were many times in which echo the blame to his wife. Already neither love, nor the meaning of what at first was his marriage and the birth of their children, saved from the rejection that would come from part of their loved ones. And very while his wife still loved him and their children adored him, he realized it of the boundaries of these to give any treatment to have some conversation, to hug him and even up to watch it direct to the eyes. And everything was as it was in their married life, that today you would pay the price of rejection. One day, on the advice of a neighbor, Luis began to walk every evening.

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