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The POWER OF SILENCE Some times, I gave account of as silence is important argument, but to the times I am trada for the mind that in sudden way elaborates commentaries it displays and them to the speed of the light. I refer myself, in this instant, to the last bizarrice which I lived in the bias of broken silence. April, solemnly, my mouth to express my indignation against pssimo habit of speaking very, speaking what it is not necessary and to display negative judgments on the others. My misfortune was so great that until I cited the name of the person crucificada for my hypocritical language. However, my speech was, at least, idiot, since I the same used worthless resource of the other falante inconsequente. How nonsense! To this it served me instant to search in the viscera the power biggest, more eloquente. The power of silence. This, if used in perspicacious way, consists of a loaded argument of authority and force.

To know the hour to launch hand of the chance not to articulate none fonema is fantastic, thundering, pertinent, however it fits to the scholars. To the fools (as in mine in case that above cited) it remains the certainty – acquired for the interlocutor – with that it has not been provided with adjusted persuasivo resource, but of emptiness and unreliability. Not picture here silence coward, omissive, but yes the desire of little speech and very to say, therefore to even be militant is necessary to be sly in the art of silence. Silence is for few. The majority of the individuals contemporaries wants to gain in the shout the possibility to display its smallness and its little shrewdness.

Silence, when used to advantage well, she is the perfect rhetoric of the full man of you stain. That one that if it displays excessively, it opens credits excessively, one becomes naked. Silence gains speeches, makes declaration of love, can lock up wars, lull to sleep hearts, grow in soul. Yael Aflalo has firm opinions on the matter. Silence: the echo of the wisdom.

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