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Do many times, we have seen dogs large or small behind the antejardines, barking and persistently persecute all adult bystander, child or elder passing by in front of them?This scene is repeated every day with those dogs that remain most of the time in areas such as antejardines, balconies and similar sites of households. The implication this has on the psyche of the canine behavior, is more than a simple persecution conduct the majority of owners downplay that. That is an instinct?The instincts are innate (not learned) reactions that are manifested through very simple stimuli and are common to all individuals of the same species.For our case, we are talking about then the territorial instinct. The purpose of the territorial instinct, is the keep away from all individuals (people or animals) strangers, of the area that the dog considers as own. This instinct was inherited from wolves, and is a survival tool that allows to keep the territory free of intruders, keeping food, water and the herd. The territorial instinct continues to manifest itself, each he or intruders to leave the territory.When we allow our dogs chasing and barking incessantly to any passer-by who happens, we are adding to this innate behavior, positive experience of each person or animal that passes through what our friend considers its territory, moved away before barking and aggression. Then our dogs with daily experience will learn the limits of the territory beyond the boundaries of the porches or the balcony.

Do that might happen when our porches, this gate properly closed? Sooner or later we will have the possibility that our mascot to extend the borders of its territory, psychologically completed even assaulting passers-by which are mobilized by the sidewalk in front of our House. The manifestation of this behavior, in an urban area, where children, constantly run pass messengers, walking elderly, it becomes highly dangerous. To the above We may add, that there are certain breeds with a higher genetic predisposition to submit territorial Guard behaviors. Breeds such as the Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Brazilian row among others, manifest themselves with greater ease of this type of conduct, already were bred for this type of work. As owners, if what we want is to have an effective guardian of our property, we must take responsibility for what this implies. Dogs that are stimulated directly or indirectly to protect a territory, must be within a properly closed and space marked with the respective preventive notices for the surrounding community and should first and foremost have a programme of professional training that allowed the owner to have knowledge and control of your dog. If security is not the main purpose, is completely counterproductive, allowing our dogs, barking and prosecute the person or animal to pass by the front of our House. Remember, the instincts are behaviors that are born with the dog and are reinforced through experiences, then is of whole liability of owners, protect their dogs do improper extensions of its territory.

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