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What a fool I was!. How could I mix things up this way? How could I not accept the unconditional love given to me? -. And all his thought was about this unique and exclusive item. Both were silent a few minutes deep in thought. Alex watched in surprise. "It would be possible that after having heard what they had told, neither showed any reaction! – Is that he could not guess the thoughts they were having. When Sophie finally became aware that no one had said no word from Alex finished his story, looked at him and taking him gently hand he said, must stop thinking only of herself.

"I guess as you've suffered in all this time! I thought I had experienced something really strong, but today I understand that you lived were higher. "I really appreciate you've finally decided to tell everything. Pete reinforced Sophie's words and added, "The first thing I ask you, friend, apologized for having tried so hard over the years. I should have sensed that something beyond your control you had happened to you to have that attitude. But, I admit that I never, and continued trying to justify "Such was the fury he felt for your behavior and seeing Sophie suffer as I saw, I was not allowed to reconsider. "I understand the feelings they have had with regard to me," Alex said "You need not apologize either. I do not think I would have acted differently to you "and added," You all based on a lie which incidentally was quite unpleasant.

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