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In addition, the two considering what more must be done. Official site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. This ranges from the everyday tasks in the household like the rooms to shopping and other errands. You have set a standard for these tasks and associated with each other. A cleaner will now support it. They have reserved Saturday, to do the work at home and shopping together.

The Sunday is free, only for the two or for activities with friends. This clear structure of everyday life helps Ulrike much better deal: “it’s just good to know that every task has its time. I heard this scheduling not tight corset as a relief. “This is true for the private sector as well as for the professional. As a result, much more structured works now in her Office, has surprisingly found: “at once everything is going faster.

Through my previous planning I always thought this is taking the additional planning time even longer. But the opposite is the case. “She has become accustomed to, the next days gross and the next very precisely in advance to plan the evening.” As a result, her works Subconscious mind already strong on the solution of the pending tasks with. Ulrike is surprised and facilitates firmly: “planned in the evening before the day runs much better than without planning.” Even perfectly applied time management can simply do not extend the day. Ulrike and her partner had to decide what should be priorities in their lives. Because self-employment requires a significant effort in the first years of business development. “I have decided but for my work. I see my friends though now significantly less frequently than in the past. But they know why. And since then has also intensified our cooperation “, said Ulrike. Their business development is progressing favorably. They dealt with their tasks. As a result that she intensively dealt with the individual work steps, you could create neutral checklists that you simplify the process and help keep the overview. Concentrated to work, it established fixed times for the contact with customers. She knows their core and their routine tasks. With this knowledge, she can employ later if it works even better, also a help. With this perspective, and internal security, she now enjoys their private and professional future. The person of Ulrike invented freely. But like many people. Gisela m Abidemi

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